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Born in Sao Bernardo do Campo daughter and descendant of Germans and a very talented ,singer (Pupi) Ingrid Crystel * (Ingrid Cristel Sacknus) * began his career still very young. At 9 years studying piano and keyboard already sang in the choir of his church (Evangelical Lutheran). At 12 was vocalist of the group "Lightning de Sol" and at 14 was the main attraction at several events in particular contests of beauty that even came to be Miss Sao Paulo within the 12 titles of beauty won. Pupi desfilou for several griffes known such as Córi Gregory among others ... In 2000 Pupi Crystel performs his great dream and launches his first solo album "My only love." From there to here more were not stopped several CD's success in reaching win Disco Double Diamonds, with the CD "Conception". Compositora of their music Pupi reports a variety of real stories in some tracks for some inspiration in the world of poetry, and other events occurring in people of whom met. Pupi always like to know different cultures learn languages and understand the lives of human beings in society and its history of evolution and the nature of what we need. Apaixonada the world and animal advocate Pupi the part of groups of protecting the internet and wherever possible helps. Founded projects to aid social project as "friends together" when it launched a special edition sertaneja country which had several stars of the sertanejo the participation of the cd friends united in support of the project taking preventive medicine throughout the national territory in cities with few resources in health 



By participating in various projects, particularly social, Pupi Crystel founded the project which has united friends preventive medicine for more seats poor in Brazil. Participates in various musical projects.


- Favourite Film: The exterminador titanic home of the future of glass back to the future home of the spirits the last stop I am a legend in my life another life to the pursuit of treasure exorcista fury and power the untouchables the guard back to the goonies poseidon last of the days a beautiful woman ... etc. Preference to films to paste in the eyes telinha ... 


- Actors favorites: Arnold Schwarzneguer, George Clooney, Johnny Deep, Leonardo Di Capri, Julia Roberts, Michael Douglas, etc. .. Many ... 


- Sports favorite: tennis, volleyball, nataçao, dance, gym ... 


- Book: The power of subconciente - Joseph Murphy, among many ... 


- Eclética musically: pop, dance, rock, hip hop, black music, lambada, techno, alternative, classic, instrumental, flash dance, romanticas, electronic, etc. .. 

It is part of the music from small, is currently preparing for the new musical work, training with the team and band, follows the style pop dance music. With solo career, has his band well prepared and equipped for large concerts in a brief new turnee. With a large luggage in the musical, Pupi wants to make new music with international partnerships and duet with singers enshrined in the media and full of talent to add to the wonderful work he's been doing throughout his career.


-. I love to sing , travel, know new people, do friends, see fas and to treat

them with love, I love the animals , take part in protection animal group,

also am in social projects to support the environment, needy , deficient

people, children and senior , love the nature.



- I love God, nature, animals, family, friends and fans ones. I love life. I love the music and the positive energy. I believe in a healthy world, united, without misery, without hunger, without war, without violence, I believe in solidarity! 




Singer from Brazil.

I am Pupi Crystel. I live in São Paulo / Brazil.

I love music especially rock, pop, dance, country, hip hop, metal,reggae, etc..

I love my family and friends, fans...

I love singing and dancing, travel too.

I love my pets,nature, animals, trees,world, etc...

Passions- First GOD, My family, friends and fans, Dogs, cats, horses, animals, nature, etc...


About me - honest, singer pop dance, idealistic, intelligent animal-lover, musician, reporter, happy, i am loved.


What gives me hope = God, good peoples in the world.


What i want to do:

- Be an example, make a change, make a difference in someones life, save the animals / helping animals,save the world, make people happy, help heal our planet,hunger in the world, agriculture responsible, most health , education, hygiene, more jobs, good conditions of life for all,good education and many other good things to improve the world....etc...


What bugs me:

- Ignorance, intolerance, injustice, arrogance, cruelty, abuse people, the destruction of rural areas, pollution, indifference, hipocrisy, violence, cruelty to animals, etc...



- pollution of nature, hunger, drunk driving, animal welfare, clean energy, protect rain forests, wildlife conservation, global warming education, clean air and water, violence and abuse,human rights, religious, racism, marine wildlife, violence against women,aids, violence against children, nonviolence, ocean, cancer awareness, against animal abuse, global warming, endangered species, evolution, responsibility,save the dogs, birds, horses, tigers, cats, etc...animal conservationists...



- reading and writing, peoples watching, games-cards, concerts, singing, photography, swimming, music-concert, movie watching, listening to music, books collecting, travel, bowling, aquariums, cycling, tennis, kayaking, canoeing, yoga, romance, shows, danceing, exercise and fitness, shopping, etc... 

Make your life sweety.

kisses for all friends fans.


Not in this world are forever, but for making memorable works for eternity !!!!!!! 


I like all musics.

Ex.: Pop, dance ,country ,hip hop , black music ,jazz ,flash dance , lambada ,alternative ,rock ,classic ,techno ,eletronic ,trance ,funk ,Instrumental ,soul ,wave ,new age ,disco ,reggae ,metal ,eurodance ,samba ,dance hall ,swing ,etc...


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